Word To The Women Of Colour iii: Red

Painting the colony red.

The taxi rank(and many other spaces in Cape Town) are spaces which can be triggering to womxn of colour because they feel uninviting. That is to say, that we have access to them only within limits or that we feel we must conform and cannot truly be ouselves when when we enter these spaces.  The taxi rank in the Cape Town CBD was the setting for our shoot; a place where most womxn have experienced some form of physical or verbal harassment. Going to the taxi rank alone means you cover your body as much as possible’ you try not to attract too much attention because it’s unwanted and unwelcome.

The idea behind the shoot was to demand visibility in a space where we are usually fearful, as womxn of colour, by reclaiming the space we make a statement about our bodies and ourselves belonging only to us and no one else.  The colour red represents so many emotions nowadays, I chose it in this instance for its power and boldness. In a space where womxn of colour are supposed to want to be invisible, we do the opposite, coming together in numbers; in our diversity as black womxn demanding that we are seen not only as objects of satisfaction but as dynamic beings who can choose the terms of engagement in any space, even spaces which don’t welcome us.

Teaming up with photographer Neo Baepi, we created a photo series where the womxn of colour in the images are true reflections of what it means to be a 21st century woman that’s “lit”‘.  These womxn are outspoken individuals who within their own capacity, create spaces where they can live their lives on their own terms and create accordingly.

The Womxn Of Colour: Yonela Makoba, Thembi Matroshe, Resego Gaetsaloe, Xola Makoba, Sandrine Mpazayoba, Hloni Sepanya, Fatoumata Diallo, Ahume Monese and Palesa Kgasane.

Creative/Art Direction and Styling: Palesa Kgasane

Photography: Neo Baepi

Makeup: Nuzhah Jacobs

Jewelry: LORNE




Creative Visual Expressionist.