Vogue Ukraine Comes Alive with the Mood in Cape Town

If nostalgia could be packaged in the form of a fashion editorial, this would be a very close hit.

There is much to say about international publications using our townships as the backdrop for their editorials, however, something about this shoot felt less about appropriation and more about authenticity and the total mood of growing up visiting your grandmother during the holidays, dressing up and posing for pictures in front of the house. Martinique Island-born Karly Loyce (and the fly mamas of course) really brought the carefree spirit that isn’t always portrayed in Mzansi’s townships alive. In my opinion, this is where the biggest style inspiration is born, and if you look at the styling of this shoot, you will agree.

On a serious note, I hope they paid the women in these photographs too. What are your thoughts on this shoot? Do you think it borders on appropriation?

Have a look:


Photographed by Ina Lekieqicz for Vogue Ukraine 2019


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