Swinging to The Blues


Taking a look back at some of the iconic(and stylish) moments from way back when. An era that brought us some of the best musicians of this decade, creating a culture of acoustic sounds with smooth vocals. The Blues brought people together, blues music influenced many of our favourite genres and continues to be loved today.


The genre originated in Africa, yes right here is where most of that good stuff started; mixed with European, American and folk music. Blues music focused on telling the stories of the labourers, the heartbroken, the soul searching. This genre served as a spiritual ritual for some, having very close ties to African customs of worship. The 19th century is when it was all birthed and I’m paying special homage to the stylish men and women of that era.

Ain’t nothing like being in a blues club all decked out in your pants suit and wide brimmed hat – ever ready for a photographer to capture you in your element.

My people broke it down and brought it all the way up; in the classiest way.




As you can see, the blues set the mood for many artists’ aesthetics- from the Sophiatown era of breaking government state oppression- to the stages of Broadway and biopics on big screens. These pictures could never be replicated with the same genuine feel; you can almost hear that trumpet playing.


Creative Visual Expressionist.