Women’s Month: Superb Sisters by Superbalist

Happy Women’s month 2019. 

August in South Africa is women’s month, my sister and fellow content creator, Fikile Kgasane, got the opportunity to take part in a special series for Superbalist.com. The series celebrates the different aspects of sisterhood bonds and features a candid interview with us about our bond and of course, the importance of women’s day – which in our very strong opinion ought to be a day that is commemorated more often and more deliberately.

We wouldn’t be free if it were not for the women who marched to banish the laws against women voting in 1956.

We salute them and other women changemakers today.

Check out a few of the images from our interview, captured by the ever-talented Gemma Mary Shepherd with words and production by Khokela Kumalo.

Read the interview on The Way of Us.

By Gemma Mary Shepherd
By Gemma Mary Shepherd






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