Spring in 35mm.

As Spring draws to a close, we reflect on what it has meant to all of us in these short three months.

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Architecture Masters student and illustrator, Thozama Mputa is one of the people I have been lucky to meet through the “Word To The Womyn Of Colour” series. She takes her camera around everywhere and took candids on the day of the shoot. (Seen here)

These are the beautiful photographs she shared on Spring and a few thoughts on the season.

There is a meandering element of nostalgia when one looks at these images shot with a 35 mm lense film camera, a longing for simpler days stretched out in the sun, not having a care of what the following morning will bring.


“Spring to me means blooms, a fresh start, love and warmth. Color bursts from the grey cold, wet rainy days that I dread. ” 


“Spring is the pre-party for December, it is seeing your pale legs again, Spring is also time of confusion.Days become longer and nights shorter a time to reflect on the year and achieve what you can before it ends. “









All photos were taken by Thozama Mputa and you can follow her here.



Creative Visual Expressionist.