Snazzy S’nalo

You wouldn’t guess at first glance, the deeply conceptual mind that is Sinalo Ngcaba. The twenty-year old is always the life of the party and with a street fashion sense and an eye for the bold and beautiful – she has always been one of the people I would have loved to work with. After recently moving to Johannesburg, Sinalo has her sights set on conquering the concrete jungle with her art. She is a visual artist specializing in drawings that are out of the ordinary, adding layers and emphatic gestures to features – mixing a variety of elements. “I'm still trying to break-into the industry and a few tough things I personally have experienced and think people should bear in mind is that not everyone wants your best interest and not everyone wants to be your friend, there are people who will want to exchange your hard work for exposure, which is good but at some point you have to know your worth and feed yourself.” When asked who she has always wanted to work with she mentioned The Sartists, the urban trio who have personalized brands like Adidas to fit their home grown aesthetic. ”My best accomplishment right now is the project I did with Spoek Mathambo in 2014 for the band Fantasma where I had to illustrate an artwork for the song "Eye of The Sun" I had NEVER worked with a musician or artist before, it was literally my first big project and I feel so honoured that he was the first one I got to work it.”
I love Sinalo’s willingness to learn and the brave manner in which she ventures into creative projects. “A creative to me is someone who sees things from all angles, someone who is a a problem solver, an innovator. Someone who can change the way people see things. I grew up with my grandparents, my grandmother being a writer and good storyteller made me interested in African culture/s and in terms of artistic style, I was influenced in high school were I took textile design as a subject.”


Creative Visual Expressionist.