A few years ago I collaborated with my sister on a photo series called, Gaitsedi- which is “Sibling” in my home language, SeTswana. That project is still very close to my heart and was thankfully the start of the creative collaborations that I would have with women of colour.

On this project I collaborated with people whom I feel truly embody the notion of carefree through their work. Stylists and fashion designers Yonela and Xola Makoba, the brilliant photographer Aisha Mugo, makeup artist Ella Ewela and my sister Fikile, a beauty and fashion blogger. This visual collaboration is inspired by the idea of unity and the bonds that women of colour create with one another. The significance of featuring my own sister Fikile Kgasane and sisters Yonela and Xola was to honour the importance of family and recognize that the relationship we foster with our siblings, is one we carry for most of our lifetimes. With everything that goes in the world, we may forget how lucky we are to have people who will always be there, support us in our craft and understand our vision. Creating is very much a personal journey but often times receiving words of affirmation contributes to one’s own growth.  I’m grateful for collaborations of this kind, where we get to connect with other sisters from Mzansi and the rest of Africa and continue the journey of finding ourselves through documenting and supporting one another unapologetically.

About the photographer who captured the project: 

“I am a Somali-Kenyan film photographer currently residing in Cape Town. I choose to create as a form of reclaiming agency through photography where I focus my work towards capturing people of colour and specifically with film which has often been considered an outdated form of expression. I shoot with film for the mastery of photography and the thrill of seeing images captured long after the moment has passed” – Aisha Mugo


Photography and Art Direction: Aisha Mugo

Concept/ Creative Direction: Palesa Kgasane, Yonela Makoba

Styling:  Yonela Makoba, Xola Makoba, Fikile Kgasane

Makeup: Ella Ewela

Clothes: A Seams Studios, Studio W and stylists’ own








Creative Visual Expressionist.