Reflections of our current state: The SYX

The SYX is a styling trio consisting of Cape Town based creatives Sihle, and sisters Xola and Yonela. These three womxn have always grabbed my eye with their style and innovation, it comes as no surprise that the trio is producing such beautiful work this year.

The trio recently styled a shoot featuring the colour red. And in true Mzansi Moodboard Style, we had to get a feature for this running issue. These three womxn are all about conscious representation through their art.

“Being womxn in post-Apartheid Apartheid South Africa we acknowledge that we are beings that have been dispossessed from our land and from our identities. As part of our daily struggle, we revolt against this White Supremacist patriarchal capitalist system that oppresses us. This shoot was styled by Xhosa womxn as a reflection of our lived experience, as bodies that navigate space as both traditional and modern. It is reclamation of our culture and an acknowledged of where we are and vision of where we are going. Aluta Continua!”



*We however acknowledge the white gaze in the project and we felt we should highlight it as critique to ourselves and as a pursuit to create work that is honest, even in its flaws.

Model: @iamkharine

Stylists: @the__ syx

Photographer: @lisa_winter

Make-up: @janejakobi


Creative Visual Expressionist.