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Nondwe Nyathi is a self taught designer and a founder of her own jewelry brand : Indwe Designs. She’s based in Cape Town but originally from the Steekspruit in the Eastern Cape. Her designs are inspired by African aesthetic. She is in this sense, an artist.


I was drawn to her page because of how innovative I thought her jewelry designs are in terms of detail and shape. Having met and spoken to her -amazed by how she took something as simple as cut-away leather pieces and made them into something amazing.

In 2013 she founded her company Indwe Designs, creating handmade Neckpieces, Earrings,Brooches and Bracelets. Each piece is individually beaded and handmade with great detail and a unique technique.

“Indwe Designs takes from the Elegant Blue Crane, it’s stately presence and vantage appeal, to create all wearable high-end pieces. That reflect these sentiments when worn, to suit the Intrepid and Adventurous.” – she says about her collection.

 Nondwe`s aim is to grow the business Internationally. Having exhibited her work in 2015 in Qatar and recently in Cape Town, Design Indaba Emerging Creatives, the plan is to expose the brand into the mainstream industry an collaborations with other designers.

Indwe designs speaks to Mzansi, technique and style with an authentically African feel.

Indwe Designs is currently available at selected Markets in Cape Town and also on Order.


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Creative Visual Expressionist.

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