Natalie Paneng: Purity As A Ritual

Johannesburg based multimedia artist Natalie Paneng is a breath of fresh air. This confidently quirky young womxn epitomizes the idea of being carefree in the way that she unapologetically expresses herself. Her photo series explores the idea of purity and how it can be used as a ritual. 

“I’ve grown to love taking portraits of myself. Capturing your own essence is an interesting trip to go on. Taking self-portraits has taught me so much about self-love and owning my reflection.

When I think of white I’m immediately reminded of my Grade 3 art teacher who told us, white and black are not colours, they are tones. I associate white with clarity; cleanliness and purity.

I wanted to depict those same ideas but in a new light, one that I can relate to. These portraits illustrate a journey with the idea of purity, rediscovering the self and loving every bit of female energy in me.

A type of ritual where I reclaim my purity, something I am learning as I grow.

It is beautiful to be where I am, to see myself as pure. It is beautiful to be me. To be pure and a womxn. I will search for my purity in spaces I am told are prohibited for womxn, this will be my daily ritual.”











Creative Visual Expressionist.