A moment with Maxine

Maxine Naidoo is an artist, a nerd, an introvert, passionate and an avid reader.

For her, being an artist means freedom to approach any topic matter without the fear of ridicule and judgement.
“Art is for expression not approval. Art is to create feeling and if you as a viewer has feelings that are negative then you’ll remember it, if it is positive you’ll remember it as well.” she says, words that resonate so well with the essence of creating, especially as a young black woman.
Inspired by her grace and obsessed with her current work on “Small Monuments“, an illustration series on material, I knew I absolutely had to know what she thought about being a young creative womyn today; with all the challenges and nuances of being part of an age that bases its success on Instagram likes.
Maxine on being part of the digital age: “This age has brought me to know myself better; from trying to do things for others and to impress others. To doing things because I want to, because I like how it makes me feel and I like looking at it. It also means being very aware of whats going on in the world and lack of ignorance which is very needed.”
On being a womxn of colour ..
To be a creative womxn of colour today is hard, but beautiful because there’s such a closeness in the group itself, women are strong and always have been, we are just more vocal today and what better way to do so than through art, through creation. Women are divine beings of creation so we will always excel in it.
Maxine grew up by the ocean and although she’s now a city girl, she values the peace and calm that comes with the coast life, it is something that definitely has resonance when it comes to her approach on personal views. “The world needs more open-mindedness, people willing to hear the opinions of someone completely ‘different’ to them and taking them into consideration instead of the wars/protests/fights disagreements can cause”, she says.
A mock up image of the “Small Monuments” illustration series that Maxine is currently working on.
What’s on Maxine’s Moodboard:
David Uzochukwu’s photography, colour (I love colour but I barely wear any in my day to day life), simple line work like Kaethe Butcher’s illustrations; her use of line and simple use of colour is something I aspire to do and music, I love music. I am however a very mood dependant artist/womxn/person, a lot of what I like, feel, want to hear and see depends on my mood and I am enjoying this time in my life where I can experiment with art and not have a set style.


Creative Visual Expressionist.