Magical Modiga

Zoe Modiga is a one of a kind talent. What am trying to communicate is that this quirky individual really knows how to own the room, something about the way she exudes confidence on and off the stage, her music and sound takes us on a journey of sorts. Being the multi-talented person she is, Zoe also adds the guitar and piano maestro to her list of accolades.


Zoe is a curious human being first and a world shaker second. She is a singer/songwriter/performer always pursuing to be impactful both personally and musically.
In speaking about why she chose music, she says that music has always been part of who she.
I was raised by different circumstances and various people with different tastes in music.
“If it wasn’t my preference it is now definitely in my palate. I’m grateful I have a lot of colours to work with. I know I’m surrounded by nameless geniuses right now. The rest is still unwritten. “
Zoe considers herself a social scientist, referring to where she stands in relation to other artists in the industry.

“I am here to challenge and celebrate, to influence and evoke emotion. I am here to shake the world and encourage others alike.” Her ambition definitely sets the tone for how hard she works; saying that the future will only be measured by being the best human being she can be.
Inspired by the greats such as Nina Simone and Miles Davis, Zoe has her eyes set on growing as a person and letting that manifest into her work.


What’s on Zoe’s moodboard?
Hermit, Dry Red Wine, Mindshift, Soft fabric, Conversation, Rain, Yellow and Salt Water
Visit Zoe’s website to hear her music here. 

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Creative Visual Expressionist.