Kaas Headwear: A Lookbook

What happens when two people chill together over a cup of rooibos tea discussing energy frequencies in the backyard of a house with a 35mm film camera? A dope lookbook that captures the spirit of collaboration and spontaneity. Keenan Oliver and Dumi Scott are the power dude duo behind Kaas headwear, a new streetwear label that aims to bring people together.


Shot by Anaka, the look book features Co-founder Keenan Oliver, comfortably sitting on a chair in his backyard wearing a Kaas cap against a very Malick Sidibe inspired print backdrop. The word “fresh” comes to mind when I think of how I felt when I first saw the images on social media, a bold way of re-imagining streetwear and making it look and feel comfortable. “My favourite local street brand right now has to be Sol-Sol, really well-made basics, I don’t think many brands are touching the quality of their product. 2bop and Young & Lazy has been keeping me cozy as well.”, said Keenan, who is featured in the images for the lookbook.


Kaas means cheese and the street connotaion is usually related to money and wealth


“I could say I named it Afrikaans because it’s important for coloured people to reclaim their language but really it’s just a language we speak & what we call it.” – Keenan Olivier

And the inspiration behind the cap range?

“All i want to do is remind people of those mostly humorous moments they share with their friends or some stranger they might have really connected with but may never see again. The focus for us is on good quality ergonomical headwear, expanding into other clothing will always be a possibility but we’ll be focusing on headwear for a good portion of the foreseeable future, that’s our forte.”

Keeping a solid balance between conscious and street, Kaas Urban wear resonates with the wild, artistic millenial. who isn’t afraid to break boundaries.

What would we find on Keenan’s Moodboard?¬†

My main source of inspiration is the people I surround myself with. I’ve just started reading The Celestine Prophecy which I’ve been enjoying, sonically I haven’t heard anything better than MNDSGN’s Body Wash in a while. Also watched¬†Richard Linklater’s Waking Life a few weeks back and it’s never left my headspace since.


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