Issue Seven




Hello! I know it has been long but what a year 2017 has been, full of surprises and may life-altering moments. I had to take some down time to get to know myself again and in the process start thinking about visibility and the pressure that social media puts on us to constantly be creating.

Self-doubt has plagued me in these past few months more than anything else has, we can call it imposter syndrome. As a result, this issue doesn’t feel complete and neither did the others but with life, one sometimes needs to just press publish instead of holding on to fear.  I knew I hid for too long, I may never actually use this platform the way I intended to, to just express myself and create a space for collaboration… so this was me breaking free of my own mental confines and seeing the bigger picture: one that need not be complicated. One that celebrates women of colour, one that encourages individuality, one that is unafraid of authenticity and otherness.

The Carefree issue is about the idea that blackness and success need not conform to one kind of standard or vision, that black women in all their forms are boundless and have the ability to create work that is powerful and transcends the societal standards.

Often times women of colour carry the burden of the world and being carefree thus becomes an act of resistance – from the mental and emotional pressure that we are so often faced with. The colour white has always been associated with peace and it is with that feeling that most of us long to express ourselves.

I hope the visuals that you see and those to come will inspire you, to be carefree in your own way and to break free from your own fears and create, in small ways, in big ways.

Thank you to those of you who still continue to support and visit the website, I promise to not disappear again! Love, Palesa.


Photographer: Aisha Mugo

Graphics design: Carla Latsky





Creative Visual Expressionist.