Issue 6: Modern Day Muses

Hello Mzansi and world!

It has been quite a break since releasing the last edition which featured the experimental short film Spring in Mzansi and the biggest highlight of all, how well Yellow Flow was received by you. It got me thinking about the direction I want to take the magazine in and the kinds of stories I want people to be reading because as a creative, I’m so inspired by those around me. That’s where the idea for this issue came from: A celebration of Modern Day Muses, through the colour red. Why red? Besides the fact that some people may celebrate this month as the month of love, I thought that this issue needed a colour which encapsulated the strength of the selection of modern day muses featured in the issue.

Red is one of those colours you kind of look at and go “hmmm,that’s really bold” and I think that it’s cool that so many of us were able to translate this fiery colour into imagery that tells a story.

You will find interviews, write-ups and a collaborations all for womxn of colour by womxn of colour inspired by the colour red.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the beautiful selection of imagery and reading the interviews.

Thank you to the badass womxn who were part of putting the final product for the cover together. So much black girl magic.

Cover concept/ styling : Palesa Kgasane

Cover Design: Lusanda Buthelezi

Photography: Thandi Gula

Dress: Leo Makgekgenene for Leo Today

Makeup artist: Nubia Silver



Creative Visual Expressionist.