Issue #5: Yellow Flow

Hello, Mzansi and beyond!

Welcome to the new edition and revamped website(eek!): A Yellow Flow.

The sun has finally come out on this side of the world and I knew that the colour I wanted to cover next was yellow. Symbolic of all that bright, bold and warm – yellow means light and rebirth and better days. These are the associations I’ve always made with this colour but also with the many objects and parts of nature that take form when the weather gets warmer and Spring comes into being. A sigh of relief because I can enjoy the ocean and have the sun kiss my skin(for short periods at a time of course).

This issue is for me a celebration of one year of allowing myself to break away and create a platform that is for you as much as it is about me- a space to share and be inspired. I can only hope that with the minor changes to the platform and the introduction of more interactive content, Mzansi Moodboard will start to feel like a moodboard; a visual, visual,lyrical and changing.

I’m very sentimental when it comes to my craft and I can proudly say that whatever I put on here will be authentic but new and revised and always be about showing off the dynamic beauty of African womxn.

I hope you enjoy the issue.

Love and light,




Creative Visual Expressionist.