Getting to know Miya F**king Twala

Miya is the one woman brand that is using her sense of style and her love of the arts to create interesting imagery that shares a message about celebrating blackness. We caught up with her to find out who she is and how she uses her Johannesburg home playground to do the most.


“I’m Miya Twala, but also know as Miya Fucking Twala. I am brand that houses different talents namely modeling, creative directing and Dj’ing”
1. What makes a great 21st century creative?
 A great 21 century creative is someone who is diverse and can transform themselves but still stay true to themselves. It’s someone that can keep abreast of change, someone who can reference different errors but still make them personal and current.
2. Instagram? 
I love Instagram. I feel like it’s gotten so many people jobs, it has exposed people to things they didn’t know about it. It’s a creative tool for whatever industry you’re in. It’s a completely new marketing platform and a new way of doing things, for all industries.
3. How would you define what you do? 
I’d describe what I do as a form of communicate. It is how I communicate who I am to the world , it’s my medium of expression. To elaborate more, I use clothing, modeling, music and culture as the sub-mediums.
4. Your favourite female creative (local and international)
Favourite female creative locally is Dj Doowap, I think she’s really underrated. She’s too dope, internationally i would have to go with SZA. She’s effortless in everything she does.
5. As a black woman I am challenged to….  always be the best at everything I do. As a black woman regardless of where you from, there’s no room for error.
You need to be the best at what you do because it is very difficult for us to be at the top, in every industry.
6. The most inspiring space I ever visited was…  the MNDSGN Pool party. I’m from Jo’burg so it was a totally new experience for me. I got to experience a different culture that I’m not used to and I got to see how other people lived. It inspired me to be true to myself and not be a crowd pleaser.
For more on Miya, Check her out on Instagram here.


Creative Visual Expressionist.