Dapper in Deporres

Photo taken by Seppi at Men's Wear Week

The title should give it away, right? Well beyond being insanely well dressed and down to earth, the cool collective that is Simon, Mpilo and Jesse have a vision that has created a strong sense of influence in the urban menswear scene. Having started in February of 2013, this is relatively young brand has made a big impression in a short space of time, mixing their distinctly minimal aesthetic with the richness of their quality, a cross breed between formal and casual with an undeniable durability. 

"We are collectively inspired by our living environments around us and are creating clothing that adds to our daily lives on various levels. We always aim to keep things simple and although minimalism is a lot easier said than done, I have always been a firm believer in trying as much as possible, strip away unnecessary elements until you are at a point where losing anymore would hinder the design/look/feel. We strive to maintain function, quality and a timeless and relevant look with product and brand."

As creatives I admire the trio's laid back yet distinct approach to business. The store, which is in Roeland street, Cape Town encompasses art and modernism with a strong reference to nature and the great outdoors - lots of green! Yes green. 

"Any creative project comes with the usual risk of losing time and money. Ultimately if you believe the potential is worth it, the risks are easily take." - Simon. 

There are a lot of projects which Simon says they would like to work collaboratively on. 

"The projects range from designing spaces together to designing unique products that work for both parties involved."

All in all, Simon Deporres is paving the way for the emerging culture of wearable yet fashionable clothing, designed for the everyday man yet still staying true to a voice that speaks to young and old. 


All photos taken by The Seppi’s  - www.theseppis.com

All photos taken by The Seppi’s  - www.theseppis.com


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