Cross-Continental Connections

“To me, human beings cannot exist without art and vice versa, it is truly an expression of self. Art is life, it is both the beauty and goriness of life,all in one accord.”

– Taffiny

One of Mzansi Moodboard’s modern muses is Taffiny Kablay, an artist born in Botswana to a mixed-race and culturally diverse Tswana and Indian family. She left home to go pursue her studies on a different continent doing what many of us wish we had the courage and the means to do. Using social media as her platform of expression, Taffiny gives off the vibe of being an open-book but I wanted to know more about her’ what she really does and the kinds of things that make her who she is. She is proof that you can still be a multi-tasking powerful womxn, even when you are thousands of kilometers away from the place you call home.

This is what she shared..

Age: 21

Location: Elsah, Illinois USA

Study: 4th (last) year, Mass Communications Major, French and dance minors

President of Black Student Union at Principia College

I am a bisexual artist/activist from Botswana, mixed race half Kalanga and half Indian. I am a jack of all trades in the sense that I don’t have a specific focus, let me list the things I do and have experience in, I’ll do it in order. Activist, Youtuber, Model, Singer, Dancer, Slam poet, Radio production, Photography, self-taught MUA and more basically except being able to draw for some reason (haha). I breathe and think in art. I consider myself a very creative person, everything I do is related to some form of creative arts. The industry, I am trying to get into is the film industry, I have always had an interest in being an Art Director on day and I am actually going to studios in Hollywood in a month to feel it out. If that doesn’t pan out, my ultimate DREAM JOB is being a stylist. I love fashion I love working with clothing but as I said earlier I can’t draw so I’d rather style people. There’s something about taking things that already exist and putting them together to create something new that’s fascinating to me.

One of my favorite pastimes is watching animation, I am fascinated in being able to create and storyboard cartoons. I am a huge geek for cartoons but I know I’ll probably watch them forever. To me, human beings cannot exist without art and vice versa, it is truly an expression of self. Art is life, it is both the beauty and goriness of life all in one accord.

I also use Twitter a lot as a platform for my feminism and activism, I speak on mental illness, race, misogyny etc. I have also gone on a few marches and I have hosted radio shows, talks and events for these types of issues. I also write articles, my most recent one was with a South African Magazine Unlabelled Magazine, entitled “African Feminism and Women Empowerment in Botswana”

As an artist, I believe it is my duty be as true to myself as a can be and my passion for fighting discrimination in all aspects I hope comes out through my art.

Currently working on finishing school but I’m gonna be uploading more shoots and videos in the next month or so.. and maybe some new music this year.

Photography Bishoppe Kamusinga


Creative Visual Expressionist.