Corner Store CPT – Sol-Sol

Jaden Smith was in a fashion campaign featuring only women and just like these women, he wore dresses. So what's the big deal? Basically fashion is taking a leap into gender neutral clothing; street fashion has always been at the forefront of that movement. Women wearing bomber jackets and men wearing "shirt dresses".

Following on that train is Corner Store CPT,  a minimal space which houses the best streetweat designers. From Young and Lazy to 2BO and what I'm currently obsessing over : Sol-Sol. The store's aesthetic had become synonymous with the young,urban and creative.
Located in Woodstock in Cape Town; the store draws in an influential crowd with a "no boundries" approach to street fashion. Sol-Sol being one such brand.

Dubbed "A streetwear brand out of South Africa" the brand features innovative designs which encompass what the trendy yet laid back guy would want to look like. I love how there is an edgy finesse to the garments, a mix of materials and colour to create the perfect mix of bold yet minimal.
What I also love is that their clothing can be worn by both men and women. Progressive and fashionable is always a vibe.



Creative Visual Expressionist.