Chemical X

The artist, the cool kid and all around aesthete. Xhanti Zwelendaba is a fine artist who is well on his way to being an artist who creates compelling work; focusing on globalizing the world. Xhanti is an opinionated person and this is what he had to share with Mzansi.


X expresses that he has some responsibility as a creative, a black creative, but the reason he chose art was because it’s one of the few spaces where your voice is yours and its okay to be misinterpreted because that’s art. A few other reasons include how it’s allowed him to learn about himself and also improve.
“Exposure of your thoughts does wonders to oneself”

When talking about his greatest artists, Xhanti says that it something that he finds ge cannot answer because eof the fact that most of his favourite artists have unpublished work. Speaking to the importance that I always stress about Mzansi needing spaces where those who don’t have a chance to go to art school can gain exposure.
Looking into the not so distant future Xhanti has a collaborative show coming up soon with Rowan Smith at “whatiftheworld” (dates to be confirmed but either March/April).

“I’m very versatile. I’m never too sure of what I like but I can tell you what I don’t like. So I’m practicing in practically most things. Sculptures; prints; photographs; performance arts; and videos. The work I focus on doesn’t allow me to explore it in one medium hence why I try everything. My work is really dependent on the themes I’m trying to deal with.”


What’s on Xhanti’s moodboard ? Culture; Globalization; hybridization; class; politics; modernization. Uh, I basically let world events create my work. I keep my eyes and ears open. That racist joke you hear at Clarkes or Yours Truly or wherever you are is usually internalized and made into a confrontational artwork. The world is your oyster. (lol)


Images taken by The Seppis /


Creative Visual Expressionist.