Channel Orange

Hi there, dumelang Mzansi!

been a while right?



I’m very excited to continue the Mzansimoodboard journey with some new editions. I am going to be updating the issues every week, meaning new content can be expected every week on the website as opposed to just social media.

Hopefully this will fuel interaction and have more of you be inspired by creatives in Africa.

I’m channeling Orange because Frank Ocean won’t give us an album (cries) and also because Autmn/ Winter is the most beautiful seasonal change; the orange, dark red and brown hues from the leaves are picturesque and I feel very inspired when I’m in a space with dried up leaves. A little strange but orange is also a colour that demands attention, unapologetically and I’m here to do the same. From here on out, the website will encompass my brain ; a moodboard with constant streams of ideas and concepts ; collaborations and innovation from inspiring individuals.

Nothing rhymes with orange and that’s exactly how it should be, be bold, stand out, channel orange.

Photos taken by Sibu Mpanza / Instagram


Creative Visual Expressionist.

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