Cece’s Stories of Womanhood.

Cece’s images are evocative, they tell a real story about womanhood.



The Michaelis School of Fine Art final year student knows the importance of self-love when it comes to being a woman. Cece started photographing herself as a way of becoming more confident in her own skin. As time went by, the layers came off and the images became more documenting. The little struggles and secrets that black women have go far beyond society’s stereotypical lens; Cece is showing that beauty can come in all forms and that it is in learning to appreciate this that one can harness the power to love themselves a little more passionately.

She told me more about her work on the Vakadzi series, which I also had the pleasure of being featured in a few months ago.



VAKADZI SERIES Shona to English translation
1. Of the female gender
2. Plural form of woman 
DSC_0483DSC_0094DSC_0372 DSC_0130
For this body of work I chose to work with celebrating the notion of beauty within all aspects of being a person of the female gender.
I believe that due to our oppressed past and present situations within our homes, the arts, different religions, work environment, sociopolitical spheres etc , working with the subject of women or with ideas around women is constantly problematized and validly so. This system is in order to question the accuracy and fairness in the representation and treatment of the female within the world.
Seeing that this system is already in place, I chose to go I different way by creating a body of work that wasnt directly vonmenting on these problems women are facing but offering them a platform upon which they can be ccelebrated as they are, and for who they are,and this would be a platform where it is recognized as beautiful. I chose to photograph women around me as well as myself within the home ( their dom
domestic space) going about our daily life in order to show the reality of women’s life, I chose tto work within the home because for many this (I know there are exceptions) this is where they are without certain inhibitions, and I also believe that one’s surroundings begin to tell the story of the person dwelling within it.
DSC_0108 (2)
The Women’s Month Lo-Down
1.  Cece is a 22 year old visual artist, photographer, writer,amateur(for now) fashion designer and a lover of all sorts of bits and bobs with a dash of black and a glass of merlot (LOL)
2. One day I hope to live in a world where…
We learn to actually love one another for our individualIity thus eliminating hate, judgement, cruelty and the worst toleration.
3. Being creative is very broad to define but for me currently it  is to see a final product from a fraction and a fraction within a final product. It is also the desire to shape something and simultaneously oppose it in order to fully understand and appreciate what you have shaped
4. My moodboard
is rather multisensory so
-Nan Goldin’s Photography
-Lupita Nyong’o’s face
-Solange’s wardrobe
-matt brown lipstick
-faux fur between naked toes
-honeybush rooibos tea
-Viktor +Rolf Flowerbomb
-Zoe Modiga + Langa Mavuso as my theme music to life
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Creative Visual Expressionist.

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