Brown: Mood Board Edit

Pinterest is the home of the OG mood board, as it allows endless inspiration – from my newly found obsession with African architecture and its symbolism to 70s music to the most mind blowing fashion editorials out there, to the music icons I have grew up listening to.

The Mood board Edit

If you have been an avid follower of my website, you may have recognized that my recent content doesn’t follow the “magazine” format I used to do when I launched back in the day, primarily because I want to create content and collaborate on the go. As per the usual set-up though, I hone in on a specific colour which informs what the Instagram feed will look like. This is a mood board after all.

I would like to introduce a segment where I regularly share what is on my mood board – images I find interesting, just some visual inspiration basically (which I hope you’ll like).



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