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MaBrrrr certainly needed no introduction; hailed the “Madonna of South Africa”, this queen of black pop music broke boundries when South African law did not artists of colour freedom of expression. Brenda Fassie’s music is an important token of my country’s history, not only because of the lyrical content but because of the spirit of unwavering black pride that it instilled. She was most known for her mainstream hits “Vul’indlela” and “Weekend Special” but for me, songs like “Too late for mama” and “Black President” are songs that hold a deep sense of pain and beauty.












Other local artists such as the late Lebo Mathosa and Thandiswa Mazwai have spoken of how much Brenda’s music inspired their own artistry and it’s no surprise that the aforementioned artists are icons in their own right.

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I’m lucky enough to have been raised by a generation whose musical taste opened my mind up to the struggle but also created tokens of style, grace and badass-ery that I carry through in my ways of expressing myself. Fearlessly.
















Brenda Fassie is a legend because she did what she wanted to, she was a rule-breaker and was unafraid to address those that doubted her talent. Gone too soon but never to be forgotten. Sis’ MaBrrr gave us an abundance of songs to dance to and a sense of style that still resonates with today’s youth. i LOVE Brenda Fassiem no doubt, Indaba Yam’ i-straight.



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