Blue : Colour Study

Clare- Belle Patrick is a fine art Michaelis student who uses the medium of art and photography to communicate different aspects of beauty within the race and gender diaspora.



Clare had this to say about the series : “The series is based on the historical, and surprisingly still current, association of the colour blue with power, success and wealth. Along with this recurrence in media and art history, the colour is predominantly used for images of men. For the series, I chose to take body positive images of young women who I feel are striking and empowered, full of potential and at the beginning of their careers. This colour study, therefore serves as a means of inverting the popular use of the colour. The series was inspired by Picasso’s Blue Period and Yves Klein for all the wrong RIGHT reasons.”

unnamed (2)

unnamed (1)


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I was drawn to her interpretation of the colour “blue” as seen on the feminine body in ways that couldn’t stereo-typically represented. Thus, creating a dialogue which questions the different perceptions of power dynamics related to aestheticism in the media.


To see more of Clare’s work on her blog here.


Creative Visual Expressionist.