A bloody womxn: Azania Forest

Visual artist Lesego Seoketsa who goes by the name Azania Forest, whose photographic portrait work chronicles the complexities of being a young black womxn; from the mundane to the extraordinary. For Azania, every aspect of her culture and being is an opportunity to document herself the way she wants to be portrayed. It’s honest, it’s brave.

The concept behind the shoot was about menstruation, and how our bodies prepare for life each month. The anticipation of our bodies to be impregnated and the disappointment thereof, a beauty and a tragedy. Also we wake up to “a bed of roses”  that have stained our sheets, and it saddens me that women are shamed for this. When you go to buy pads the person at the counter covers your pads in a newspaper to hide the “shame”.
Basically, I just want to kill the stigma surrounding menstruation with these pictures.”

A Poem by Indie Rodd
Celebration for Menstruation

As moon beams provide the source of light in darkness,
So shall you provide the source of life.

As one observes supple round waxing and faded waning,
So shall one observe shades of your ebb and flow.

As Mother Diana nurtures the cycles of the ocean’s tide,
So shall she pull you to nurture.

Celebrate the crescent moon.
Rejoice another month of life.

Concept and photography: Azania Forest


Creative Visual Expressionist.